On Unsolicited Relationship Advices

Post by Joyce

Whenever someone tells me that I should get married “as soon as possible,” I always feel the urge to give an equally offensive, unsolicited advice, just to show that person how rude he/she is. But of course I don’t do it because I’m trying to be the bigger person in the situation.

But seriously. When I marry is none of anyone’s business but myself, my future husband, and the Lord. Go plan your own stupid wedding if you’re so obssessed with having one. Don’t pressure someone else to do it. It’s rude and inappropriate, even when you say that you’re “just concerned about my future/happiness/ovaries.”

Damn it, I am, too. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to jump the first guy that shows an interest in me. If I’m going to spend the rest of my life with that person, you can bet your sorry asses I’m going to be choosy as I can be.

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being single. A husband would not “complete” me unless I’m whole to begin with. I wish people would stop forcing the issue just because they think I’m “old.” I’m 32, not 60, for Pete’s sake. And even if I were, I’d still choose to marry for the right reasons, not just so I can go and get it done with.

Go mind your own business and take your unsolicited advices with you. Single people rarely want them. I sure as hell don’t.


Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos

Post by Iya

What you actually have to prove to any country you wish to enter (also to the Bureau of Immigration before departure), are the following:

  1. You intend to return to the Philippines.
  2. You will not commit a crime while you’re there.
  3. You will not illegally stay in their country (meaning, you won’t perform acts contrary to your stated purpose of travel).

It is also important to prove your:

1. Identity.

Present an NSO Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate, if applicable. If you can’t prove who you are, the immigration officer will suspect that you plan to commit or are already in the process of committing a crime.

2. Intent to return.

Submit for inspection your ticket/airline reservation back to the Philippines or another country (in case you are country-hopping), ITR, DTI Certification, or Certificate of Employment, whichever is applicable. You have to prove that you will return and  that you have reason to return to the Philippines.

3. Capacity to fund your travel.

Present a copy of your Bank Certificate, Travel History, ITR, DTI Certification or Certificate of Employment, used visa for the same country, if applicable.

Most people illegally stay in other countries because of economic reasons. If you have the capacity to fund your travel, e.g., properties, a stable job, or business in the Philippines, immigration will assume that you will return (as overstaying most probably will just damage your job or business). Having a family in the Philippines oftentimes shows that you have established roots, so generally, in some countries like the U.S., being single means you have a higher risk of overstaying, as you have no family to return to. (Note that different countries have differing standards; it is generally accepted that the U.S. has one of the strictest, hence having a US visa usually means you have a higher chance of getting a visa from other countries.)

Your travel history, on the other hand, shows that traveling is not new to you and you actually do go back to the Philippines, within the allowed period of time, in your previous trips. In relation to this, you have to attach your itinerary, to show that you indeed intend to tour the country, as stated in your reason for travel. Showing bookings/reservations is proof that you intent to stick to your itinerary.

You also have to show proof of your financial capacity (e.g., Bank Certificate and property in the Philippines) to show that you can easily support your projected expenses. (Read: Your certificate should at least be double your projected expenses.) Having a bank certificate that shows you can’t support your travel or is just enough to cover your projected expenses can give the immigration officer  just cause to question your intention to enter their country. (Read: If you can’t afford it or if you only have the exact amount in your bank account, there is danger that you will overstay or illegally work while you’re there.)

If you can’t show proof that you can shoulder all your expenses, or if your money is just enough for the trip, you can present a letter of invitation or certification from a sponsor (e.g., company, friend, or relative) who has the capacity to shoulder your expenses. You have to prove that you are related to your sponsor by showing pictures or birth certificates indicating your relationship with them.

WARNING: The embassy will question the capacity of your sponsor to easily support you, or the number of persons in your group. It is prudent to attach the financial capacity of your sponsor in your application. (Read: If your sponsor is a known multi-national corporation, you most probably will have no problems. If not, your sponsor may be asked to submit a bank certification, and if it is an individual, his address and background.)

Even if your sponsor is a resident/citizen of the country you’re visiting, if there is doubt as to her capacity to support you or your group, there is a possibility that someone or everyone might not be granted visa.


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Because Blogging

Post by Joyce
In response to Ayen’s “On Blogging” post

Like Ayen, I haven’t been active on this blog recently. The past half-year has been a daily challenge to my sanity, and it’s only now that I’m slowly picking up the pieces of a broken identity, caused by many bad decisions and some unheeded advice from well-meaning friends.

I recently started a solo blog, but I plan to focus on travel, food, and book reviews there instead of posting about, I don’t know, feelings. I guess I don’t want to infect the world with my depressing thoughts, because I have more than a few.

I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, so until then, I’ll stick to the light stuff.

You can visit my blog, The Misadventures of Mx. Scatterbrain, here. Please click follow and comment or, well, drop a line to say hi.

On Blogging

Post by Ayen

It’s been a long time since I posted on this site because I’m such a lazy bone. There I said it, I confessed my sin. Between my day job, “adult” responsibilities, spending time with family and friends, Facebook and Instagram (guilty), I have a hard time squeezing in some writing. Mainly because writing makes me think and thinking is not something I want to do when I’m on my free time. I tend to overthink and sometimes this leads me down the rabbit hole, a place I really do not want to be stuck in.


Staring blankly at the clear blue sky… Basically how I wish to spend my every weekend.

I have the utmost respect for active bloggers. I can only imagine the number of hours they spent to write their stories, edit their pictures and lay it out on their blog sites. It takes a combination of passion and discipline. I hope some of those will rub off on me someday. For now, the beach is calling.